Apply for Ordination PLUS with Coaching $49

This level of ordination is for those who are seeking to start a ministry or grow and existing ministry and want to be ordained for leadership purposes. With this level of ordination, you have access to Rev. Lance whom you’ve seen in the training videos, as a coach via phone or Zoom. Having a ministry coach is an invaluable asset that can save your time and money and help you be the best Evangelist or Christ servant you can be.

This is a one-time fee and the ordination never expires. 

Ordination Request - (Plus w/Coaching $49)
Full Legal Name Including Middle Name

By checking the box below, I affirm that my purpose for requesting ordination is for benevolent purposes only and that I further affirm that I will hold Street Bishops harmless for any situation I may place myself in as a result of accepting this ordination.

When you click submit, you will be directed to the payment. Now click “Submit” below.

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