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Legal Ordination and be a Church Leader

Our ministry offers ordination to anyone that desires it. We have been ordaining men and women since 1999. Since that time, we have stood for everyone’s right to express their religious freedom. If you feel you need ordination to perform a wedding or start a church or any other legitimate reason, and you are over the age of 18, then we will confer upon you religious legal ordination.

Your reasons for getting ordained are between you and God. Our mission is to assist you in getting that ordination so that you can fulfill the mission that is in your heart. For more than 20 years, our church has been ordaining men and women from all walks of life to become legally ordained ministers. And over that 20 years our ministers have gone on to do a variety of great works. 

Ways to Serve

There are many ways to serve as an ordained minister. From marrying couples to starting a feeding program that nourishes thousands each month. Those who have been ordained through have started missions around the world. We are proud of our ministry and outreach to those who wish to be ordained and want to extend that invitation to you as well.

When you join the church by ordination, you are coming together with folks of various desires on how to serve. You will feel comfortable knowing that you will not be judged by how or what you believe but instead appreciated for how you serve your community with your ordination.

Approved Ministry Activities

Providing Wedding Officiating Services

Serving as a Wedding Officiant performing wedding ceremonies for couples who do not have a relationship with a minister is an outstanding way to show love and service. Couples that desire a wedding ceremony rather than just going to the local courthouse and civil officiant shows that they respect and desire the formality of a wedding ceremony.

Your ordination here grants you the right to officiate these ceremonies and sign the wedding license and certificate.


For many couples, the blessing of a formal Baptism is so important to the early life of their child. Couples see the blessing as a commitment to raise the child in a loving, Godly home where spirituality is the foundation of all things in marriage and raising children. From a simple prayer to baptism by water, sprinkle or emersion, Baptism for thousands of years has been seen as vital to the early life of a child. You can legally perform these Baptisms which are recognized by many jurisdictions as evidence of parenthood. 

Funeral/Last Rights

Because so many individuals and families do not go to church or live in a new area away from their regular church, when they have a loved one die, there is often a need for a minister to preside over the funeral services, either at the gravesite or the funeral home, or both. Yes, most funeral homes have someone on staff who can do that, but over the years I’ve been asked by many individuals to preside over their parent’s service. Especially if you marry the couple, then you become the defacto minister in their lives and they will call you for funeral services. With this ordination, you are legally empowered to officiate over the funeral service.


Those of you who serve as ministers, or desire to serve as ministers, in the jails, hospitals, and on military installations know that having a Chaplain title is, in some circumstances, required to gain access to those areas of ministry. Also for fraternal organizations, there is usually a Chaplain assigned to conduct official services, prayers at meetings, etc. At get ordained, we can give you the Chaplain title so that you can offer your services where they are needed. We can grant you both the legal ordination and include a ministry ID card for access to those correctional facilities.

Hospital and other Field-Based Ministry

In almost all circumstances of pastoral care, there is the support of those who are in hospitals, retirement homes,  eldercare centers, emergency rooms, and other health care facilities. Many of these facilities require that to conduct pastoral care, you are an ordained minister. In addition, many, like the correctional facilities, require that you have an ID card to enter their facilities after visiting hours. We can grant you both the legal ordination and provide you with a ministry ID card for access to those facilities.


As the Director of and Street Bishop ministries, my favorite ministry work is solid outreach. Getting out there on the streets and providing supportive services to those in need is the closest I can come to being like Christ. The self-less expression of helping others who cannot help themselves is personally and spiritually rewarding. And having an appointment as a pastor gives you the added credibility that you are a part of a larger ministry. It gives the other folks a feeling of ease and can make your task of Christian outreach easier. And after you are ordained, we are a phone call away to advise you on how you can best set up and run a successful outreach ministry. It is the benefit of being ordained through

Open Your Own Church

Get Ordained Online to Serve Others

Church leadership is why so many ask for ordination. Too often getting ordained through your own church has unnecessary roadblocks that just don’t make sense to you. Jesus made it easy for his disciples to follow him. But some of our churches do the opposite and want us to jump through their hoops. We don’t do that. We just as you to serve honorably and honestly and take care of those who you seek to lead in religious life. Nothing can make your new church more legitimate than you being ordained and having a good set of By-Laws. We will ordain you and assist you in getting your church started.

The Ordination Process

Our process is very simple. Complete the form here on this page, being careful to use your full legal name  (no titles such as Dr. or Ph.D.) and when you submit it and pay the $29 plus $8.10 priority postage, you will receive documents granting your ordination. It is that simple. You will receive in the mail printed, embossed documents and the free wedding handbook to help you get started right away. 

What You Get

By completing the application here and submitting it, you will be taken to the fee payment options. The ordination fee with Street Bishops is $49 plus priority mail potage.

You will receive a certificate of ordination, a letter of ordination, and a letter of good standing with embossed signatures,  and a free copy of the Wedding Officiating Handbook. You can use these documents to start or grow your ministry as well as marry couples, conduct funerals, and baptisms, and more.

     Ordination Certificate plus letters of ordination

 Personalized Ministry ID Card with your photo  

This is the process:

Complete the form below.

  1. Choose your preferred title: Reverend, Minister, Pastor, Missionary, Chaplain, Brother, Sister
  2. Submit the form.
  3. Pay the $29 ordination fee plus $8.10 priority mail postage. Then you will receive:
  • Letter of Ordination with embossed signature.
  • Letter of Good Standing for your circuit court, if needed
  • Frame-quality Certificate of Appointment
  • Wedding Officiating Handbook (Hard Copy)
  • A New Testament NIV Bible

Then, contact us as much as you’d like to get guidance and advice! We are a REAL ministry where you can get your questions about starting your ministry or doing weddings.

The Ordination Process: After your ordination request is submitted, you pay the fee for a hard copy documents, the wedding officiating handbook, and the ministry ID card. ($29 plus USPS $8.10 priority mail postage)

Ordination Information
Please use this form to complete your ordination request. Because of the importance of this document, we ask that you use your complete full legal name as it appears on your driver’s license or other state documents.
Full Legal Name Including Middle Name

By checking the box below, I affirm that my purpose for requesting ordination is for benevolent purposes only and that I further affirm that I will hold and Street Bishops harmless for any situation I may place myself in as a result of accepting this ordination.

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