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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t live in the United States or Canada, can I still get ordained by Street Bishops?
    Not at this time.

  • What religious group is Street Bishops affiliated with?
    Street Bishops is an independent protestant church that is home to Christians of all denominations. We are truly independent and so are our clergy. Our goal is to bring Christ to the world while serving our community through various ministries. We act out the walk of Jesus Christ through service and compassion as our ministry focus to bring others to know the Lord. Preaching is the last resort!

  • What is the process?
    Complete the ordination application and pay the processing fee.

  • Do I have to annually renew my ordination?
    No. Your ordination never expires.

  • Is there any other fees associated with becoming a part of Street Bishops Ministries after the initial ordination processing fee?
    No. Just $25 one time.

  • Can I be a member of the organization without seeking ordination?

  • Is my ordination good in my state?
    Yes. Ordination, or Appointment, is not state-by-state by simply is or is not. Once you are Ordained, that is it and it is valid anywhere in the world (unless the area you are in is run by zealots that think they speak for God).

  • Can I get assistance in doing my first weddings? Can you give me examples of wedding ceremonies to get me up and going?
    Yes. You will receive a wedding ceremony handbook for starting and running a wedding ministry, complete with many sample ceremonies.

  • How much can I make officiating weddings?
    In the U.S., between $50 and $700 is the average, depending on the area and size of wedding. If you are a real people person and comfortable with groups of people, you can do very well.

  • I want to start a ministry, can you help me decide which one and help me with a plan and paperwork?
    Of Course!

  • Can I get help by email or phone starting my ministry or other questions?
    Yes. And if you want more advanced coaching, you can pay for the Ordination  Plus package at checkout.

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