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You are about to become an ordained minister.
Everyone is Accepted.

The Ordination Process

Our process is very simple. Complete the form here on this page, being careful to use your full legal name  (no titles such as Dr. or Ph.D.) and when you submit it and pay the $29 plus priority postage, you will receive documents granting your ordination. It is that simple. You will receive in the mail printed, embossed documents, personalized ministry ID card with your photo and the free wedding handbook to help you get started right away. 

What You Get

By completing the application here and submitting it, you will be taken to the fee payment options. The ordination fee with Street Bishops is $29 plus $8.10 priority mail potage.

You will receive a certificate of ordination, a letter of ordination, and a letter of good standing with embossed signatures, personalized ministry ID Card,  and a  copy of the Wedding Officiating Handbook. You can use these documents to start or grow your ministry as well as marry couples, conduct funerals, and baptisms and more.

Certificate of Appointment from GetOrdained.com


This is the process:

Complete the form below.

  1. Choose your preferred title: Reverend, Minister, Pastor, Missionary, Chaplain, Brother, Sister
  2. Submit the form.
  3. Pay the $29 ordination fee plus $8.10 priority mail postage. 

    Then you will receive:
  • Letter of Ordination with embossed signature.
  • Letter of Good Standing for your circuit court, if needed
  • Frame-quality Certificate of Appointment
  • Wedding Officiating Handbook 
  • New Testament Bible

Then, contact us as much as you’d like to get guidance and advice! We are a REAL ministry and we are here to answer your questions about running a ministry or conducting weddings.

The Ordination Process: After your ordination request is submitted, you pay the  fee for a hard copy documents and the wedding officiating handbook. ($29 plus USPS $8.10 priority mail postage)

Ordination Information
Please use this form to complete your ordination request. Because of the importance of this document, we ask that you use your complete full legal name as it appears on your driver’s license or other state documents.
Full Legal Name Including Middle Name

By checking the box below, I affirm that my purpose for requesting ordination is for benevolent purposes only and that I further affirm that I will hold GetOrdained.com and Street Bishops harmless for any situation I may place myself in as a result of accepting this ordination.

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